Build Name: master-x86_64-mac1014-clang100-opt-exp-rtcxxmod
Build Time: 2019-11-14T04:01:07 UTC
Found 6 Errors
Warnings are here.

Build Log Line 7793
[ 73%] Built target coremetaclingtestUnit
[ 73%] Generating G__SillyStruct.cxx, SillyStruct.pcm
While building module 'MathCore':
While building module '_Builtin_intrinsics' imported from /.../build/include/Vc/scalar/../common/../sse/intrinsics.h:34:
In file included from <module-includes>:2:
In file included from /.../build/etc//cling/lib/clang/5.0.0/include/immintrin.h:32:
In file included from /.../build/etc//cling/lib/clang/5.0.0/include/xmmintrin.h:39:
In file included from /.../build/etc//cling/lib/clang/5.0.0/include/mm_malloc.h:27:
In file included from /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/include/c++/v1/stdlib.h:94:
In file included from /.../build/etc//cling/lib/clang/5.0.0/include/stdlib.h:8:
/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX10.14.sdk/usr/include/stdlib.h:118:12: error: declaration of '__mb_cur_max' has a different language linkage
extern int __mb_cur_max;

Build Log Line 7808
In file included from /.../build/include/Vc/sse/vector.h:32:
/.../build/include/Vc/scalar/../common/../sse/intrinsics.h:34:10: fatal error: could not build module '_Builtin_intrinsics'
#include <x86intrin.h>
[ 73%] Built target coreclingutilstestUnit
Scanning dependencies of target G__XMLParser
[ 73%] Building CXX object io/xmlparser/CMakeFiles/G__XMLParser.dir/G__XMLParser.cxx.o
Scanning dependencies of target G__XMLIO
[ 73%] Building CXX object io/xml/CMakeFiles/G__XMLIO.dir/G__XMLIO.cxx.o
Scanning dependencies of target G__RHTTP
Scanning dependencies of target G__Net
[ 73%] Building CXX object net/http/CMakeFiles/G__RHTTP.dir/G__RHTTP.cxx.o

Build Log Line 7820
[ 73%] Building CXX object net/net/CMakeFiles/G__Net.dir/G__Net.cxx.o
Error: /.../build/bin/rootcling: compilation failure (/.../build/lib/libMathCoreb74cc08c41_dictUmbrella.h)


Build Log Line 7821

make[2]: *** [math/mathcore/G__MathCore.cxx] Error 1


Build Log Line 7822

make[1]: *** [math/mathcore/CMakeFiles/G__MathCore.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[ 73%] Built target G__XMLParser
[ 73%] Built target G__XMLIO
Scanning dependencies of target G__SillyStruct
[ 73%] Building CXX object tree/tree/test/CMakeFiles/G__SillyStruct.dir/G__SillyStruct.cxx.o
[ 73%] Built target G__Net
[ 73%] Built target G__RHTTP
Scanning dependencies of target G__ROOTVecOps
[ 73%] Building CXX object math/vecops/CMakeFiles/G__ROOTVecOps.dir/G__ROOTVecOps.cxx.o
[ 73%] Built target G__SillyStruct

Build Log Line 7834
[ 73%] Built target G__ROOTVecOps
make: *** [all] Error 2