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Test: tutorial-dataframe-df102_NanoAODDimuonAnalysis (Passed)
Build: master-x86_64-centos7-gcc48 (lcgapp-centos7-x86-64-25.cern.ch) on 2020-02-18 01:49:59

Test Timing: Passed

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Processing /mnt/build/jenkins/night/LABEL/ROOT-centos7/SPEC/noimt/V/master/root/tutorials/dataframe/df102_NanoAODDimuonAnalysis.C...
Warning in <EnableImplicitMT>: Cannot enable implicit multi-threading with 0 threads, please build ROOT with -Dimt=ON
Events with exactly two muons: pass=33370298   all=66128870   -- eff=50.46 % cumulative eff=50.46 %
Muons with opposite charge: pass=25794885   all=33370298   -- eff=77.30 % cumulative eff=39.01 %