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Test: tutorial-math-TSVDUnfoldExample (Passed)
Build: v6-20-00-patches-x86_64-fedora27-gcc7-opt (sft-fedora-27-2.cern.ch) on 2020-01-18 03:30:17
Repository revision: a5fff0417e515921d96db5d0d91737b5252a1e31

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Processing /mnt/build/night/LABEL/ROOT-fedora27/SPEC/default/V/6-20/root/tutorials/math/TSVDUnfoldExample.C...
Created toy distributions and errors for: 
... "true MC"   and "reconstructed (smeared) MC"
... "true data" and "reconstructed (smeared) data"
... the "detector response matrix"
Info in <TSVDUnfold::Unfold>: Unfolding param: 13
Info in <TSVDUnfold::Unfold>: Curvature of weight distribution: 0.002960