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Test: tutorial-spectrum-peaks (Passed)
Build: master-x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt-master (olhswep09.cern.ch) on 2020-01-26 11:14:44

Test Timing: Passed

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Test output
Processing /data/sftnight/workspace/root-benchmark/BUILDTYPE/Release/COMPILER/gcc830/LABEL/performance-cc7/root/tutorials/spectrum/peaks.C...
Found 9 candidate peaks to fit
Found 9 useful peaks to fit
Now fitting: Be patient
 FCN=596.686 FROM MIGRAD    STATUS=CONVERGED    1343 CALLS        1344 TOTAL
                     EDM=3.92392e-07    STRATEGY= 1  ERROR MATRIX UNCERTAINTY   4.1 per cent
  EXT PARAMETER                                   STEP         FIRST   
  NO.   NAME      VALUE            ERROR          SIZE      DERIVATIVE 
   1  p0           5.27684e+02   2.01895e+00   1.61337e-04   1.75612e-05
   2  p1          -3.95030e-01   3.04733e-03  -2.24976e-07   9.00276e-03
   3  p2           6.34691e+02   2.03922e+01   6.11343e-03   8.34700e-06
   4  p3           5.19331e+02   9.71873e-02  -3.36434e-05   5.32034e-03
   5  p4           3.49850e+00   1.08256e-01  -2.36209e-05   1.49297e-03
   6  p5           6.64734e+02   1.64194e+01  -1.21344e-03   3.63149e-06
   7  p6           3.19147e+02   1.05478e-01   7.08425e-06   2.00939e-04
   8  p7           4.69148e+00   9.07160e-02   1.69389e-06  -1.62399e-03
   9  p8           6.70930e+02   1.64206e+01   3.50063e-03  -9.49091e-06
  10  p9           7.54806e+02   9.99565e-02   1.99123e-05  -2.47890e-03
  11  p10          4.29726e+00   7.99677e-02  -3.50356e-05  -3.01093e-03
  12  p11          6.69618e+02   1.73089e+01  -7.16995e-03   1.61496e-05
  13  p12          4.75964e+02   9.46541e-02  -1.85498e-05  -6.93464e-04
  14  p13          3.89327e+00   8.40808e-02   2.51847e-05  -4.75462e-03
  15  p14          6.48094e+02   1.48388e+01   1.51648e-02   1.40873e-05
  16  p15          9.89666e+02   7.93960e-02   2.05378e-08   5.80091e-03
  17  p16          3.34529e+00   5.62112e-02   6.45923e-06   6.69573e-03
  18  p17          6.62565e+02   1.83711e+01   9.37343e-03   1.71791e-05
  19  p18          5.39268e+02   1.17175e-01  -4.07242e-05   2.90506e-04
  20  p19          4.56057e+00   9.79810e-02  -3.17654e-05   1.67849e-03
  21  p20          6.59405e+02   1.56865e+01  -5.02844e-03   1.33136e-05
  22  p21          9.48476e+02   1.01997e-01  -2.38534e-05  -2.87561e-03
  23  p22          4.41169e+00   8.80653e-02   3.30904e-05  -1.55484e-04
  24  p23          7.53519e+02   1.46208e+01  -1.21918e-03  -1.58005e-05
  25  p24          2.32585e+02   1.49583e-01   4.30086e-05   2.06782e-03
  26  p25          6.95026e+00   1.18485e-01   1.79213e-05   3.79338e-04
  27  p26          6.45490e+02   1.58541e+01   5.23845e-03   8.39699e-06
  28  p27          2.86948e+02   1.20789e-01   7.08536e-05  -1.98488e-04
  29  p28          4.98698e+00   9.92605e-02  -3.61574e-05   3.47101e-03