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Test: gtesttest-root-roofitstats-vectorisedPDFs-testChiSquarePdf (Passed)
Build: PR-4279-x86_64-fedora29-gcc8-opt (root-fedora29-3.cern.ch) on 2019-11-14 21:03:34

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[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][1mRooFit v3.60 -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][0m 
                Copyright (C) 2000-2013 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University
                All rights reserved, please read http://roofit.sourceforge.net/license.txt

Running main() from gtest_main.cc
[==========] Running 15 tests from 3 test cases.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinX
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.019871s (CPU) 0.0201031s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.059438s (CPU) 0.0598118s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.13336e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (696 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.014102s (CPU) 0.0141802s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.067348s (CPU) 0.0686244s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.16127e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesNorm (719 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.01774s (CPU) 0.0178264s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.072785s (CPU) 0.0731845s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.0538e-16

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedNormLog (820 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.31724s (CPU) 2.34728s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunScalar (2757 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	0.538002s (CPU) 0.557077s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunBatch (944 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.23254s (CPU) 2.32268s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	0.496373s (CPU) 0.501174s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareBatchScalar (3203 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinX (9139 ms total)

[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinNdof
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.026592s (CPU) 0.0268004s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.095372s (CPU) 0.0960441s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.46157e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (801 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.026385s (CPU) 0.0265467s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.101266s (CPU) 0.101914s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.53367e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm (842 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.03008s (CPU) 0.0302761s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.111143s (CPU) 0.11191s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 1.73395e-14

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedNormLog (925 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.51254s (CPU) 2.55321s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunScalar (2955 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	1.11754s (CPU) 1.1255s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunBatch (1510 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.51831s (CPU) 2.59995s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	1.08164s (CPU) 1.0936s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareBatchScalar (4086 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinNdof (11120 ms total)

[----------] 3 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.027653s (CPU) 0.0278782s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.106049s (CPU) 0.106783s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 4.83609e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (923 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.027153s (CPU) 0.0273292s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.112195s (CPU) 0.112871s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 4.8643e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm (946 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.037467s (CPU) 0.0405553s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.127963s (CPU) 0.13544s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 3.15341e-16

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedNormLog (1071 ms)
[----------] 3 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof (2940 ms total)

[----------] Global test environment tear-down
[==========] 15 tests from 3 test cases ran. (23199 ms total)
[  PASSED  ] 15 tests.