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Test: gtesttest-root-roofitstats-vectorisedPDFs-testChiSquarePdf (Passed)
Build: PR-4279-x86_64-ubuntu16-gcc54-opt (sft-ubuntu-1604-4) on 2019-11-14 21:01:42
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[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][1mRooFit v3.60 -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][0m 
                Copyright (C) 2000-2013 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University
                All rights reserved, please read http://roofit.sourceforge.net/license.txt

Running main() from gtest_main.cc
[==========] Running 15 tests from 3 test cases.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinX
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.012952s (CPU) 0.012959s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.050664s (CPU) 0.0506804s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.13336e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (653 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.013281s (CPU) 0.0132855s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.056642s (CPU) 0.0566572s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.16127e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedValuesNorm (666 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.01635s (CPU) 0.0163507s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.06591s (CPU) 0.0659116s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 8.0538e-16

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareFixedNormLog (757 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.28901s (CPU) 2.28996s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunScalar (2710 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	0.52403s (CPU) 0.524213s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.RunBatch (913 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.24684s (CPU) 2.26747s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	0.481803s (CPU) 0.482257s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinX.CompareBatchScalar (3137 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinX (8837 ms total)

[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinNdof
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.02642s (CPU) 0.026448s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.091538s (CPU) 0.0918249s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.46157e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (769 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.026582s (CPU) 0.026583s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.098114s (CPU) 0.098328s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.53367e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm (799 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.031643s (CPU) 0.0316439s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.11097s (CPU) 0.110993s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 1.73395e-14

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareFixedNormLog (904 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.57473s (CPU) 2.57593s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunScalar (3010 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	1.09563s (CPU) 1.10628s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.RunBatch (1531 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode ChiSquarePdf':	2.58241s (CPU) 2.58318s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode ChiSquarePdf':	1.11549s (CPU) 1.11559s (wall)
[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinNdof.CompareBatchScalar (4125 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinNdof (11138 ms total)

[----------] 3 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.026461s (CPU) 0.0264814s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm ChiSquarePdf':	0.095357s (CPU) 0.095359s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 4.83609e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (813 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.027714s (CPU) 0.0277138s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.101902s (CPU) 0.101904s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 4.8643e-15

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedValuesNorm (853 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.031252s (CPU) 0.0312525s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm ChiSquarePdf':	0.112875s (CPU) 0.114271s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 3.15341e-16

[       OK ] TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof.CompareFixedNormLog (943 ms)
[----------] 3 tests from TestChiSquarePdfinXandNdof (2609 ms total)

[----------] Global test environment tear-down
[==========] 15 tests from 3 test cases ran. (22584 ms total)
[  PASSED  ] 15 tests.