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Test: gtesttest-root-roofitstats-vectorisedPDFs-testPolynomial (Passed)
Build: PR-4279-x86_64-ubuntu16-gcc54-opt (sft-ubuntu-1604-4) on 2019-11-14 21:01:42
Repository revision: eb9d2d64c365eec560379f62009bcc1579861643

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[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][1mRooFit v3.60 -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][0m 
                Copyright (C) 2000-2013 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University
                All rights reserved, please read http://roofit.sourceforge.net/license.txt

Running main() from gtest_main.cc
[==========] Running 12 tests from 2 test cases.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.
[----------] 6 tests from TestPolynomial2
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm Polynomial2':	0.002193s (CPU) 0.0021904s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm Polynomial2':	0.058425s (CPU) 0.0584259s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 0

[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (422 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm Polynomial2':	0.002581s (CPU) 0.00258081s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm Polynomial2':	0.065202s (CPU) 0.0652033s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.22044e-16

[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedValuesNorm (459 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm Polynomial2':	0.005616s (CPU) 0.0056157s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm Polynomial2':	0.073555s (CPU) 0.0735569s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.22044e-16

[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.CompareFixedNormLog (533 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode Polynomial2':	2.67274s (CPU) 2.67363s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.RunScalar (3028 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode Polynomial2':	0.4184s (CPU) 0.418448s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.RunBatch (747 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial2.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode Polynomial2':	2.70498s (CPU) 2.70554s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode Polynomial2':	0.389829s (CPU) 0.389909s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial2.CompareBatchScalar (3428 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestPolynomial2 (8619 ms total)

[----------] 6 tests from TestPolynomial5
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch unnorm Polynomial5':	0.001723s (CPU) 0.0017225s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar unnorm Polynomial5':	0.065614s (CPU) 0.0656212s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 0

[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedValuesUnnorm (460 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedValuesNorm

Timer 'Evaluate batch norm Polynomial5':	0.001963s (CPU) 0.00196428s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar norm Polynomial5':	0.071952s (CPU) 0.0719761s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.22045e-16

[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedValuesNorm (500 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedNormLog

Timer 'Evaluate batch (logs) norm Polynomial5':	0.006211s (CPU) 0.00621153s (wall)

Timer 'Evaluate scalar (logs) norm Polynomial5':	0.080587s (CPU) 0.0806092s (wall)

Maximal relative error (scalar vs batch) is: 2.22044e-16

[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.CompareFixedNormLog (578 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.RunScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode Polynomial5':	6.78911s (CPU) 6.79167s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.RunScalar (7135 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.RunBatch

Timer 'Fitting batch mode Polynomial5':	0.996483s (CPU) 0.99667s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.RunBatch (1333 ms)
[ RUN      ] TestPolynomial5.CompareBatchScalar

Timer 'Fitting scalar mode Polynomial5':	6.83997s (CPU) 6.84462s (wall)

Timer 'Fitting batch mode Polynomial5':	1.2448s (CPU) 1.24511s (wall)
[       OK ] TestPolynomial5.CompareBatchScalar (8434 ms)
[----------] 6 tests from TestPolynomial5 (18440 ms total)

[----------] Global test environment tear-down
[==========] 12 tests from 2 test cases ran. (27059 ms total)
[  PASSED  ] 12 tests.