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Test: mathcore-newKDTreeTest (Passed)
Build: PR-4279-x86_64-ubuntu16-gcc54-opt (sft-ubuntu-1604-4) on 2019-11-14 21:01:42
Repository revision: eb9d2d64c365eec560379f62009bcc1579861643

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Test output
unit test for class KDTree

using random seed: 1573765579
using 100000 data points in 5 dimensions
bucket size: 100
basic tree properties...DONE
  --> checking 534 bins
consistency check of bin boundaries...DONE
check effective entries per bin...DONE
  --> test reference point at (921,317,351,78,510)
check FindBin...DONE
  --> test with reference point at (55,333,167,60,311)
  --> look for points within in  distance of 330
  --> look for 301 nearest neighbors
check nearest neighbor searches...DONE
check KDTree::Clear...DONE