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Test: tutorial-geom-parallel_world (Passed)
Build: master-x86_64-fedora31-gcc9 (root-fedora-31-1.cern.ch) on 2019-11-15 00:48:29

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Processing /build/night/LABEL/ROOT-fedora31/SPEC/cxx17/V/master/root/tutorials/geom/parallel_world.C...
Info in <TGeoManager::TGeoManager>: Geometry parallel_world, Showcase for prioritized physical paths created
Info in <TGeoManager::SetTopVolume>: Top volume is TOP. Master volume is TOP
Info in <TGeoNavigator::BuildCache>: --- Maximum geometry depth set to 100
Info in <TGeoManager::CheckGeometry>: Fixing runtime shapes...
Info in <TGeoManager::CheckGeometry>: ...Nothing to fix
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: Counting nodes...
Info in <TGeoManager::Voxelize>: Voxelizing...
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: Building cache...
Info in <TGeoManager::CountLevels>: max level = 2, max placements = 11
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: 32 nodes/ 5 volume UID's in Showcase for prioritized physical paths
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: ----------------modeler ready----------------
Info in <TGeoParallelWorld::CloseGeometry>: Parallel world priority_sensors contains 10 prioritised objects
Info in <TGeoParallelWorld::CloseGeometry>: Number of declared overlaps: 1
Info in <TGeoParallelWorld::CloseGeometry>: Parallel world will use declared overlaps
Start... 100000 rays
10 percent
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent
50 percent
60 percent
70 percent
80 percent
90 percent
100 percent
number of segments : 6039
Real time 0:00:00, CP time 0.110
Info in <TGeoParallelWorld::PrintDetectedOverlaps>: List of detected volumes overlapping with the PW
volume: ladder at index: 5