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Test: tutorial-tmva-TMVAMulticlassApplication (Passed)
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Processing /mnt/build/workspace/root-pullrequests-build/root/tutorials/tmva/TMVAMulticlassApplication.C...

==> Start TMVAMulticlassApp
create data set info Default
                         : Booking "BDTG method" of type "BDT" from dataset/weights/TMVAMulticlass_BDTG.weights.xml.
                         : Reading weight file: dataset/weights/TMVAMulticlass_BDTG.weights.xml
<HEADER> DataSetInfo              : [Default] : Added class "Signal"
<HEADER> DataSetInfo              : [Default] : Added class "bg0"
<HEADER> DataSetInfo              : [Default] : Added class "bg1"
<HEADER> DataSetInfo              : [Default] : Added class "bg2"
                         : Booked classifier "BDTG" of type: "BDT"
                         : Booking "MLP method" of type "MLP" from dataset/weights/TMVAMulticlass_MLP.weights.xml.
                         : Reading weight file: dataset/weights/TMVAMulticlass_MLP.weights.xml
<HEADER> MLP                      : Building Network. 
                         : Initializing weights
                         : Booked classifier "MLP" of type: "MLP"
--- TMVAMulticlassApp : Using input file: ./tmva_example_multiple_background.root
--- Select signal sample
--- Processing: 200 events
--- ... Processing event: 0
--- End of event loop: Real time 0:00:00, CP time 0.060
--- Created root file: "TMVMulticlassApp.root" containing the MVA output histograms
==> TMVAMulticlassApp is done!