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Test: tutorial-matrix-invertMatrix (Passed)
Build: master-aarch64-centos7-gcc48 (techlab-arm64-moonshot-xgene-004) on 2019-11-14 00:49:23
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Processing /data/sftnight/build/night/LABEL/arm64/SPEC/default/V/master/root/tutorials/matrix/invertMatrix.C...
Inversion results for a (6,6) matrix
For each inversion procedure we check the maximum size  
of the off-diagonal elements of Inv(A) * A              
1. Use .InvertFast(&det)
  Maximum off-diagonal = 0.000169822
  Determinant          = 5.36729e-18
2. Use .Invert(&det)
  Maximum off-diagonal = 1.77868e-10
  Determinant          = 5.3673e-18
3. Use TDecompLU
  Maximum off-diagonal = 3.72964e-10
  Determinant          = 5.3673e-18
4. Use TDecompSVD on non-square matrix
  Maximum off-diagonal = 5.72507e-12
  Determinant          = 1.34646e-11